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Learn what SiteWild is doing differently to enable true collaboration between our team and yours.


No vendor lock-in

Our entire platform is built on open-source technologies, with WordPress at its core. This provides you with the ability to completely export any site off our platform and into your own independent hosting account while maintaining full CMS integration  Рan industry first!

Transparency and straight-talk

Website platforms are notoriously secretive about everything – upcoming features, unexpected downtime, bugs that haven’t been fixed, and so on.

The problem is the less you know about what’s going on behind the scenes, the less prepared you are to sell websites and deliver a seamless experience to your clients.

For you to be successful you’ll need plenty of peeks behind the curtain, so at SiteWild you’ll get complete transparency on every aspect of your service – from the technical architecture of our platform to embarrassing downtime incidents to future plans.

You’re putting trust in SiteWild as you build your client websites on the platform, and you’ll get the same level of respect back from us.

Serious business, infused with fun

Our team takes pride in delivering a secure, high-performance, feature-filled solution for your websites – but that doesn’t mean it has to be stuffy and boring. We strive to create an experience that brightens your day without compromising quality. When you interact with our team expect lots of emoticons, friendly conversations, and – if we ever meet in person – a warm embrace. If you want a stodgy suit-and-tie-type vendor you’ll have to search elsewhere.

Who’s a good fit for SiteWild?

Our platform isn’t the perfect solution for everyone. Here are a few reasons why you should – and shouldn’t – try SiteWild.

Give SiteWild a spin if…
You’re a designer, marketer, agency or other professional in need of a website platform specifically developed for resellers.
You want to build (or grow) a business of building websites for clients with the backing of a partner who understand your unique needs.
You want more control and power over your site designs than other hosted website platforms provide.
You’d like to tweak desktop, tablet, and mobile versions of your sites without writing a line of code.
You want to avoid vendor lock-in and retain the ability to move any site to your own third-party hosting account at any time and for any reason.
You have clients asking for website design & development but you don’t have the technical expertise to provide and end-to-end solution.
You enjoy the convenience of firing up new sites or cloning existing sites into a staging environment with just a few clicks.
You’re looking for a website platform that provides development-level support (to help tweak your sites or implement designs).
You need to provide your clients with a website editing experience that’s powerful yet easy to understand.
Check out a different solution if…
You only want to build a single website for your own business and need tools or support designed for consumers.
You have a development team capable of custom-building sites from scratch.
You’re comfortable (and have client budgets for) installing, configuring, troubleshooting, performance-optimizing, and maintaining standalone WordPress installations.
You want granular control over your hosting environment or need PHP-level access to template code.

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